Vacation in Beautiful Martinique!

Facts about a vacation in beautiful Martinique

You want to spend your vacation in beautiful Martinique! Martinique is an integral part of the French Republic. It is south of Dominica and north-west of Barbados. And directly north of Saint Lucia. It has a population of 376,480 (2016). Most Martinicans are Christian. The capital is …. Popular Martinican dishes are Boudin Creole and Boudin Blanc. Boudin Creole is made from pork, onion and other ingredients. And Boudin Blanc is a white sausage made from pork and sometimes featuring prawns, crabs of fish.

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When you travel to the beautiful island of Martinique, this is important to know:

  • The official currency is the euro
  • Official languages are French and Martinican Creole
  • The time zone is UTC -4
  • Driving side is right
  • Calling code 
  • International flights are serviced by Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport

Best Time to spend your vacation in beautiful Martinique

Martinique has a tropical climate. With a relatively cool and dry season from January to mid-April. And a hot, humid and rainy season from mid-June to mid-November. Monthly temperature varies from 70°F / 21°C to 88°F / 31°C. The Martinican sea is pleasantly warm all year round. The temperature ranges from 79°F / 26°C to 84°F / 29°C.

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The major towns are:

  • Fort-de-France. The capital. Visit one of the nearby forts. Or the botanical garden Jardin de Balata. St. Louis Cathedral is also worth a visit.
  • Ducos. Visit the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Nativity.
  • L’Ajoupa-Bouillon. With the astonishing Ajoupa Gardens. Also a long walk called “Gorges de la Falaise” starts here. It leads to the core of the tropical forest. 
  • LeMarin. Visit the Église du Marin. An old church built in 1766. 
  • Le Robert. With the Club Nautique Wind force club.
  • Saint-Pierre. Built among the ruins of old Saint-Pierre. With a dramatic view of volcanic Mount Pelée.


The most popular attractions are:

  • Les Salines. A white sandy beach at the southeastern end of the island.
  • Fort Saint Louis. A listed historic site of France. There are daily tours of the fort. The portion that is still a naval base is off-limits of course. Or visit one of the other forts: Fort Gerbault, Fort Tartenson and Fort Desaix.
  • Jardin de Balata. A beautiful botanical garden in Fort-de-France. 
  • Les Trois-Ilets. A popular tourist area with restaurants, hotels and several attractions.
  • La Caravelle Nature Trail. A one-hour hike through a mangrove forest. With views over the rugged eastern coastline. 
  • Zoo de Martinique and Le Carbet. A family-friendly attraction nestled among botanical gardens. And the ruins of an old sugar plantation.

A vacation in beautiful Martinique! Relax and enjoy!