Take a Vacation in Sint Maarten

Facts about Travel to Sint Maarten

You want to take a vacation in Sint Maarten! It encompasses the southern part of the island of Saint Martin. The northern side constitutes the French Saint-Martin. Sint Maarten has a population of 41,486 (2019). North of Sint Maarten lies Anguilla. To the south-east St Barths. And further south Saba and Saint Eustatius. The capital is Philipsburg. Philipsburg has a population of 1,894. Sint Maarten’s cuisine reveals touches of the French and the Spanish. National dishes are Callaloo Soup and Crab Backs. And Coconut Sugar Cake and Butter Cookies.

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When you take a vacation on Sint Maarten, this is important to know:

  • The official currency is Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG). But the USD is also accepted. 
  • The official languages are Dutch and English
  • The time zone is UTC -4
  • Driving side is right
  • Calling code is +1-721
  • There is an International Airport called Princess Juliana International Airport. 

Best Time to take a vacation in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is hot and sunny all year round (average of 77-82°F / 25-28°C). The sea is warm enough for swimming all year round. The temperature is 79-84°F / 26-29°C on average.


The major towns are:

  • Philipsburg. The capital. The main shopping district of the island is in the heart of the city. And is has a port that is visited by many cruise liners.
  • Lower Prince’s Quarter. Snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing! And a breathtaking zipline!
  • Cul de Sac. Caribbean paddling and kite surfing!


Sint Maarten has a lot of attractions! The most popular are:

  • 37 beaches on the whole island!
  • Dawn Beach. Astonishing beach! Enjoy the beautiful coral reef!
  • Mullet Bay Beach. Popular 
  • Simpson Bay Lagoon. Beautiful lagoon with protected waters. Provide seagrass and mangrove habitats. 
  • The 12 Metre Challenge. Be part of the crew sailing a real America’s Cup Yacht! You don’t need any sailing experience!
  • Sea Trek Sint Maarten. Walking underwater!
  • Maho Beach. Witness airplane landings and take offs up close. People get blown into the water by the jet blast of larger planes taking off!
  • Pinel Island. Snorkeling, SUP and kayaking. 

A vacation in Sint Maarten! Relax and enjoy in a beautiful setting!