Travel To The Beautiful Dominican Republic

Facts About Travel
to the Dominican Republic

You want to travel to the beautiful Dominican Republic! The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola. Together with Haïti. The Dominican Republic is the second-largest nation in the Antilles. It is also the most visited destination in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has a population of 10.8 million (2020 est.). The largest ethnic group is Mixed (70.4%). Besides Afro-Dominicans 15.8%% and 13,5% European-Dominicans. Christianity is the largest religion (69.1%). Besides 28% none and 2,2% others. The capital is Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo has a population of approximately 3.3 million (2020 est.). Typically a Dominican meal consists of meat with sofrito. Sofrito is a mix of local herbs used as a wet rub for meats. And also casaba, batata, pastelitos (empanadas) and tostones. In short the Dominican cuisine is a fusion of Taíno, Spanish and African cuisines.

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When you travel to the beautiful Dominican Republic, this is important to know:

  • The official currency is peso 
  • The official language is Spanish
  • The time zone is UTC -4 (Atlantic Standard Time)
  • The driving side is right
  • The calling code +1-809, +1-829 and +1-849
  • There are several International Airports. In short the busiest are Punta Cana International Airport and Las Américas International Airport. Besides Cibao International Airport

Best Time To Travel To the Dominican Republic

The best visiting time is from March to May. It is warm year-round (80°F) although lower temperatures are common in the mountains. And the average sea temperature is 78°F to 84°F.But the Dominican Republic also experiences some of the effects of the Atlantic hurricane season.

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Major Dominican Cities

  • Santo Domingo is the capital city. It was founded by the Spanish in 1496. The city’s Colonial Zone was declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco
  • Santiago de los Caballeros. It’s the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. With the beautiful Centro Español for instance
  • Azua de Compostela. Certainly visit its historic town hall
  • Santo Domingo Este. Above all jnown for its variety of shopping centers. Besides an active nightlife and restaurants


Some of the most popular Dominican attractions are:

  • Los Tres Ojos (The Three Eyes). An open-air limestone cave with a series of three lakes. Certainly one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic
  • Columbus Lighthouse. A mausoleum monument in tribute to Christopher Columbus
  • Punta Cana. The premiere resort destination of the country
  • Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada. Beautiful beaches with luxury resorts but not as crowded as Punta Cana
  • Las Galeras. For an off-the-beaten-track experience. Furthermore some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic
  • Samaná Bay. Whale watching
  • Bahia de Las Aguilas. Above all 5 miles of beach almost to yourself
  • Cabarete’s Kite Beach. The kiteboarding paradise
  • Isla Saona and Parque Nacional de Este. Above all some of the most beautiful beaches
  • Jarabacoa. Outdoor adventure. For example hiking, biking and rafting
  • La Romana. Resort destination for more independent travelers. For example for those looking to self-cater

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Dominican Republic!