Travel To The Astonishing Cayman Islands

Facts About Travel To the Cayman Islands

You want to travel to the astonishing Cayman Islands! The Cayman Islands comprises the islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The Cayman Islands has a population of 65,813 (2019 est.). The largest ethnic group is Multiracial (40%). Besides 20% Afro-Caribbean, 20% European-caymanian and 20% Asian people. The predominant religion is Christianity (82%). The capital is George Town. George Town has a population of 40,200 (2019). The national dish of the Cayman Islands is an intensively sweet desert. It is a delicious cassava cake. Furthermore Caymanian cuisine is very similar to Jamaican cuisine with specific British influences.

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When you travel to the astonishing Cayman Islands, this is good to know:

  • The official currency is the Cayman Islands dollar (KYD)
  • The official language is English
  • The time zone is UTC-5
  • Driving side is left
  • Calling code is +1-345
  • International Airports are Owen Roberts International Airport in George Town (Grand Cayman). And on Cayman Brac the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport. Destinations form he Edward Bodden Airfield on Little Cayman are the other Cayman Islands. 

Best Time To Travel To the Cayman Islands

Between March and June the hotel rates drop. If you don’t care for a break on hotel rates too much, plan a trip in the dry season. The dry season runs from November to April. It is pleasantly warm (70s-80s° Fahrenheit) year-round. In the rainy season showers only last for a few hours at a time. The sea around the Caymans is warm enough for swimming all year round. The temperature is always between 80 and 84°F (27-29°C).

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Cities Of the Cayman Islands

The major cities Of the Cayman Islands are:

  • George Town, the capital, a popular port of call for cruise ships. Tourist activities include scuba diving, submarine tours, glass-bottom boat tours, rum distillery tours, parasailing. There is a vibrant nightlife as well. Seven Mile Beach is host to numerous nightclubs and bars. And of course eating and shopping.
  • West Bay, residential area north of Seven Mile Beach. With destinations such as the Cayman Turtle Farm, the Cayman Motor Museum and Dolphin Adventure.
  • Bodden Town. Situated on a natural harbor and a coral reef.  

Attractions Of the Cayman Islands

The most popular Caymanian attractions are:

  • Seven Mile Beach. One of the main attractions. And one of the best beaches in the Caribbean
  • Pedro St. James Castle in Savannah. A beautiful historical site
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving locations. Several shipwrecks are to be seen.
  • Stingray City. One of the locations where tourists can swim with stingrays
  • The Observation Tower in Camana Bay. Provides 360-degree views Seven Mile Beach, George Town and the North Sound
  • East End Light. A lighthouse at the east end of Grand Cayman Island
  • Cayman Turtle Centre. A 23-acre (93.000m2) marine theme park
  • The Mastic Trail. A hiking trail through the forest in the centre of Grand Cayman

Enjoy your vacation in the Cayman Islands!