Vacation in Beautiful Grenada!

Facts about Vacation in Beautiful Grenada

You want to spend your vacation in beautiful Grenada! Also known as the “Island of Spice”. It is located south-west of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And north-west of Trinidad and Tobago. Grenada consists of Grenada itself and two smaller islands. These are Petite Martinique and Carriacou. Grenada has a population of 112,523 (2020 est.). Christianity is the largest religion. The capital is St. George’s. Typical Grenadian food is fresh seafood and fiery stews. The national dish is Oil down. A stew of chicken or fish, salted meat and coconut milk. And vegetables and breadfruit. Also enjoy the delicious deserts. Like sweet potato pudding. Or Grenadian fudge and cocoa balls! 

grenada vacation

When you spend your vacation in beautiful Grenada, this is important to know:

  • The official currency is the East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
  • Official language is English. Plus two recognised regional languages. These are Grenadian Creole English. And Grenadian Creole French
  • The time zone is UTC -4
  • Driving side is left
  • Calling code +1-473
  • The main airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport

Best Time to Travel to Grenada

Grenada has a tropical climate. Warm, sunny clear skies can be expected year round. Monthly temperature varies from 73°F / 23°C to 88°F / 31°C. The sea in Grenada is warm enough to swim in throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 81°F / 27°C to 84°F / 29°C.



The major towns are:

  • St. George’s. The capital. A popular tourist destination. With beautiful colonial buildings like the Roman Catholic cathedral. Or the Anglican church. Also visit Fort George and the Grenada National Museum. And wander along the beautiful waterfront at Carenage!
  • Gouyave. Has a weekly festival called Fish Friday. It offers a wide range of entertainment and fish dishes. On June 29 Fisherman’s Birthday is celebrated. 
  • Grenville. The second largest town. Grenada’s first airport, Pearls Airport, is on the outskirts. It is no longer in use. But skeletons of abandoned Air Cuba planes are still present. The marketplace is opened every day. 
  • Victoria. A beautiful small fishing village. 


The most popular attractions are:

  • Grand Anse Beach, a 1.9 mi (3km) long beach. Often praised as one of the best beaches in the world!
  • The many waterfalls on the island. For example the Annandale Waterfalls and Concord. Or Seven Sisters.
  • The String Band Music Festival and the Carriacou Maroon Festival in April. Or the Island Water World Sailing Week in January. And of course Carnival the second week in August. 
  • The Underwater Sculpture Park! A unique submerged gallery. To be admired by snorkelers and divers. And of course glass-bottom passengers.
  • Fort Frederik. Offers stunning views of the sea and St. George’s.
  • The Spice Tours and Tastings. Sample fragrant spices! 
  • Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. Beautiful rainforest scenery and rewarding hikes!
  • Morne Rouge Bay. A quieter alternative to Grand Anse Beach.
  • Levara National Park. With its relatively undeveloped beaches. 

A vacation in beautiful Grenada! Relax and enjoy this beautiful island!