Travel To The Beautiful Island Of Puerto Rico

Facts About Travel To Puerto Rico

You want to travel to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! It is official unincorporated territory of the United States. And Puerto Rico is relatively close to the U.S. It is about 1,000 miles south of Florida. Puerto Rico has a population of 3,193,694 (2019). The largest ethnic group is West Eurasian/North African (61%). Besides Sub-Saharan African (27%) and Native American (11%). The largest religion is Roman Catholicism (56%). Besides Protestantism (33%), Irreligious (8%) and 3% Other. The capital is San Juan. San Juan has a population of 395.326 (2010). The typical Puerto Rican meal consists of mofongo, arroz con gandules, and pasteles. And also pig roast and alcapurrias. In short the Puerto Rican cuisine is a fusion of European (Spanish), African, native Tainos and American.

  • The official currency is the US dollar
  • Spanish and English are the official languages
  • The time zone is UTC-4
  • Driving side is right
  • Te calling code is +1 (787) and +1 (939)
  • There are three International Airports: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina, Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla and Mercedita Airport in Ponce.

Best Time To Travel To Puerto Rico

Best time to travel to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is after the busy winter season and before the rainy summer. This is from mid-April to June. Spring weather is pleasantly warm (approx. 80° Fahrenheit). The best weather however is in winter. Therefore this is the most crowded and expensive time to visit. The Puerto Rican sea on the other hand is warm enough for swimming all year round. The average temperature near San Juan is around 80°F.


Cities Of Puerto Rico

The major Puerto Rican cities are:

  • San Juan, the capital, oldest city under U.S. jurisdiction
  • Rincon, well-known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean
  • Ponce, the second-largest city with its historic city center
  • Caguas, home to several museums
  • Aguadilla, best known for its fabulous beaches

Attractions Of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lot of attractions! The most popular Puerto Rican attractions are:

  • The Old City of San Juan with colourful Spanish colonial architecture
  • El Yunque National Forest, a tropical rainforest, the only in the National US Forest System
  • Rincon, above all surfing and whale watching
  • Arecibo Radio Telescope, an ongoing Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) with a 20-acre dish set in a sinkhole
  • Culebra Island, with beautiful beaches and lush hills, eco-tourism and most establishments run by expats
  • Luquillo beach, a palm-lined beach with generally calm water
  • Rio Camuy Caves, the third largest cave system in the world  
  • Isla Verde, all-inclusive resorts and a decent beach
  • Seven Seas Beach, in short: great facilities and calm, clear waters

A vacation in Puerto Rico! Travel to this beautiful island to relax and enjoy!