Spend your Vacation in Curaçao!

Facts about a Vacation in Curaçao

You want to spend your vacation in Curaçao! Neighboring islands are Aruba and Bonaire. Together they form the ABC islands. Curaçao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has a population of 158,665 (2019 est.). Roman Catholicism is the largest religion. The capital is Willemstad. Typical food is Keshi Yena. With chicken, vegetables and cheese. And Giambo. A green stew of okra, fish, salted meat and basil.  

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When you spend your vacation in Curaçao, this is important to know:

  • The official currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder (ANG)
  • Official languages are Papiamentu, Dutch and English
  • The time zone is UTC -4
  • Driving side is right
  • Calling code +5999
  • Curaçao International Airport offers connections to North America and Europe. And South America and the Caribbean Region 

Best Time to Travel to Curaçao

Curaçao has a hot semi-arid climate. It lies outside the Hurricane Belt. Warm, sunny clear skies can be expected year round. The dry season is from January to September. And the rainy season from October to December. Monthly temperature varies from 80°F / 26°C to 84°F / 29°C. The seawater averages around 81°F / 27°C.

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The major towns are:

  • Willemstad, the capital. With its impressive Dutch colonial buildings (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • Saliña. One of the primary shopping districts on the island. Thiel Beach with several major resorts is nearby.
  • Santa Rosa. There’s a breeding ground for frigate birds. And it’s also the site of the CurAloe (Ecocity) plantation. This is a large Aloe Vera plantation. With daily tours for visitors.
  • Westpunt. A paradise for scuba divers. 


The most popular attractions are:

  • The most beautiful beaches! Like Boka St. Michiel. It’s near a traditional fishing village. And Cas Abao Beach. With crystal clear waters and a white sandy beach! Or Jan Thiel Beach. Sun, sea, entertainment and shopping!
  • The Hato Caves. With 1,500 year old cave drawings.
  • The Curaçao Sea Aquarium. Explore Curaçao’s underwater world up close.
  • Fort Beekenburg. Was built to defend Spanish Water.

Enjoy your vacation in Curaçao!